On this rainy Sunday afternoon, while Marge is taking her afternoon map, i play James Taylor's song to Carly Simon.  It's one of those songs that capture moments in a life, especially in a relationship that lives through it's share of ups and downs.  This is my song for Marge, in a way. In explaining... Continue Reading →


Saturday Suit

There is something about 70's songs.  Maybe it's the bubblegum pop and the saccharine renditions.  But it's also all the refreshing things you remember as a child.  Saturday Suit, although was an original performance from Art Garfunkel, to me was best performed by Mama Cass.  It speaks towards a wish fulfillment and a craving for... Continue Reading →

Disappointments in Leadership

People disappoint.  Fact.   People can redeem themselves from disappointment.  Greater fact.  And you can forgive them when they do.  And If you choose to.  Hands down leadership fact.  The company i work for has its own laundry list of disappointments.  My team has a ton of it.  Ours come in chains of laundromats.  We'd be... Continue Reading →

Misty Mirage

Another one of those obscure Curt Boettcherr compositions from the late '60's. Although this is not of the usual psychedelic folk rock that characterized his early works, it must be said that the simplicity of Michele's voice is in itself worth listening. With a somewhat melancholic beginning, the voice of Michele O'Malley progresses into a simple declaration... Continue Reading →

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye

It's Hard To Say Goodbye was the first collaboration of songwriting duo Roger Nichols and Paul Williams in the late 60's. Originally performed by French singer-actress Claudine Longet, this track was included in her 1968 album Love is Blue.  Claudine's voice has a kind of whispery and ethereal feel to the song, unique to several French chanteuse of her time. The... Continue Reading →

Artist Pick: Kenny Rankin

Kenny Rankin had the voice and the guitar prowess that made him  such an elegant and sophisticated singer, session musician and songwriter. His crossover jazz style interpretation of standards music brought a fresher perspective to some of the Beatles' songs as well as covers of artists such as Stephen Bishop, The Rascals and even Curtis... Continue Reading →

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