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It all started Monday afternoon when i was engaging in a bathroom battle with stomach flu. Then again, i shouldn’t say it all started Monday because my anxiety towards myself had been cooking since Saturday night, when i had to go to the office to do a nearly-due Time and Motion study. It wasn’t so much the time and motion, it was more from this gnawing feeling that my brain was somehow begging me to do something bigger than myself — but i couldn’t find out what it was. It’s a creative block that manifests in a nagging self-consciousness – like guilt that you’ve misplaced.


Inside my head, i try to be the calm optimist. That things will always be better. Maybe tomorrow, i say. The thing about Life – you know, the one that you spell with a capital letter – is that it is so big and beyond you that it makes you feel small sometimes. Or humbled. At this hour, i am humbled. And i also feel small. Not that it’s Life’s fault. It’s too big to even care about a speck of dust like me. It’s just the way things are, i guess. One simply needs to make the best out of situations.


There are a lot of people who often state that they like math because it is absolute. The equation 1 + 1 = 2 will always be absolutely true. Is it? That it will be universal, eternal and true for all time, regardless of context and application?

Calm Elephant

In the past, i made that mistake as well, only to find myself burned out and disenchanted about a lot of things. In the end, despite a hefty salary, one needs to be reminded that no amount of money can ever replace the time you spend with the people you love; it cannot replace the time you spend getting to know yourself; it can never replace the little but special moments in one’s life: a silent hug, loads of free laughter or even that most awaited long-distance call from a friend.


Note:  This blog is composed of 3 pages for easier reading.  These days as the local news media is rife with stories of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona, people often hear the sentiment and impassioned opinion of a lot of our countrymen that the midnight appointment of SC Chief Justice Renato Corona […]

Philippine Supreme court chief Justice,

There are many nuances in celebrating the “more fun in the Philippines” meme.  There is the obvious tourism-friendly advertising and there’s the comedic but darker side to the reality of the Philippines, most especially in its societal and political landscape. Sometimes  i am saddened, if not at times disappointed, at the lack of initiative Filipinos […]

Hands Full Of Rice

Can you imagine that? It’s 2012.  Two weeks and a day into this new year. Back when i was kid, the mere thought of the year 2000 was mysterious to me. Like it was hard to imagine reaching it. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how the new millennium would be like. Well, scratch that […]