Six Sigma Needs To Get Off Its Boring Perch

Through the years, Marge and i have been uneasy with how we practice BPM. After the initial excitement over your first couple of projects, somewhere along the way the whole methodology seems to lack a kind of punch or sexiness. Partly, it is the over-dependency of TQM process practitioners along with LEAN experts and Six... Continue Reading →


Eating The Elephant Whole

In the past, i made that mistake as well, only to find myself burned out and disenchanted about a lot of things. In the end, despite a hefty salary, one needs to be reminded that no amount of money can ever replace the time you spend with the people you love; it cannot replace the time you spend getting to know yourself; it can never replace the little but special moments in one's life: a silent hug, loads of free laughter or even that most awaited long-distance call from a friend.

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